We know people are not born knowing what to eat, how to make changes in their health, and how to cope with life as it changes daily. The value individuals place on a diet and health is reflected in the food choices, and it is equally seen or manifested in their life. Training classes are designed to help our clients in a multitude of ways. Our classes help our clients from health, nutrition, and life change perspective:

  • Adopt healthier habits
  • Eat healthier
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Improve performance
  • Improve relationships
  • Maximize weight loss
  • Normalize positive behaviors to transform health and promote weight loss to live a better life
  • Promote health restoration
  • Reduce stress

Our clients feel better about themselves, which improves self-esteem, self-worth; they gain increase happiness. The entire family becomes healthier, wealthier, and closer due to completing our classes and then actively applying what was learned in their daily lives. Therefore, our training is filled with Health, Life, and Wellness action items related to the personal application to the training information. Her Training Programs results go far beyond weight loss because we seek to improve our client's whole life! 

Our Coaching and Training Addresses Underlying Factors:

Her incorporates a broad range of training topics, habit change techniques, and courses design to address underlying issues that stop your growth, assist in your self-actualization of a new life, increase your potential of maximal weight loss. Additionally, we align numerous coaching programs to address problem-solving, assertive and emotionally expressive communication, cognitive change coaching, stress management techniques, and body image embodiment coaching. Our Classes, Habit Change, and Presence-Based Coaching techniques together create an opportunity for our clients to learn, implement changes, and continue to grow over time. 

Our Training Courses include, but are not limited to, Abundance Mindset, Healthy Eating, High-Performance Living, Weight Loss, Wellness, Exercise & Fitness, Guided Meditation, Manifesting What You Want In Your Life, Supplements, Vitamins, and more!  Our goal is to provide youwith the class to help you focus and learn creative ways to manifest your mostbeautiful life!

Below are our Top 30 Life, Health, and Personal Growth Training that has positively impacted and changed our clients' lives.

  • Abundant Thinking

  • Abundanceand Prosperity

  • Anti-Inflammation Diet

  • Art of Living In The Moment

  • Best Version of Yourself

  • Copingwith Stress

  • Detox The Body

  • Diabetes – Obesity – Sugar – Recovery

  • Eating Clean

  • Eating Healthy

  • Eating Organic Lifestyle

  • Eating To Beat Illness

  • Empowered Life

  • Goals Setting

  • Gluten Free Diet


  • Happiness Start With You

  • Intermittent Fasting

  • Jump-Start Your Life

  • Ketogenic Diet

  • Make It Happen

  • Master Cleanse – All Natural

  • Meaningful Life

  • Pursue Your Passion

  • Supplements

  • Self-Discipline Mastery

  • Self-Improvement

  • Stress Management Plan

  • Take Controlof Your Life Package

  • Your Inner Greatness – Tapping Into Your Success

Our classes are designed to help build a foundation of knowledge about nutrition, life change, life management, and self-improvement that will serve them well throughout life. We provide our clients with content that is informational in mature, it is focused on key facts and concepts, and provide ample real-life application intended to enhance the learning experience.