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This page and the business options content below is to Help You Design the life of your dreams! All success in life and business is determined by the owner's ability to learn how to build a better business. Therefore, we offer Business Coaching and Marketing with each program. This self-paced coaching can be found here is my website for self-learning on marketing: While you are there request for FREE "The 3 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Small Businesses Make….And How to Overcome Them All". I have help 1,000s of small businesses increase their profits and grow successful businesses within 18-24 months.

We Help Business Owners Obtain The, Funds They Need To Out-Think, Out-Market & Out-Sell Their Competition. Our Mission Is To Eliminate The Financial Hurdles To Helping, Small Business Owners through E-Learning. Our Mission Is To Eliminate The Financial Hurdles To Helping Small Business Owners through E-Learning. We have been approved to offer a $5,000 grant for new enrollees into our program. The approval page is This grant is funded until the money runs out, so apply today!

To Help You Design the life of your dreams!

IDLife Is The Business Opportunity

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We believe that the small choices you make daily can lead to you building a better and financially stable future for yourself and your family. Our mission is to help more everyday people start a profitable business from home to create the greatest impact on their life and their client's health and wellness. Join the IDLife team today to receive the full support and commitment of our team to your success. Additionally, the resources you receive will surely help you grow a successful business!

Your own business. Your own way.

IDLife provides an easy-to-run business website that you can drive traffic to and make an unlimited amount of commission payments.  Additionally, our platform is super simple. It allows you to focus on connecting with people and sharing your successful business, weight loss, health habits journey, and live a better life.

You don’t need to be a professional salesperson, a health coach, or a nutritional expert. However, we welcome Health Coaches, Fitness Trainers, and other health transformational practitioners. We keep things very simple, and you won’t have to stock any inventory or ship any products - we handle all of this for you. With your personalized IDLife website and automated business tools, we’ve made it easy to get started and even easier to succeed.

The platform design to make you a superstar. – Professional Edition

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We take the hard work to provide meal plans for clients of Health Coaches, Fitness Trainers, and other health care providers. You don't have to spend days or weeks creating plan plans for your clients. Our programs have been evaluated and designed by doctors and dietitians to ensure our clients achieve their desired weight loss or weight management outcomes.

You gain your clients' benefits Easy Meal Planning, Progress Tracking, Integrated Functions (Food Bar Scanner, Fitbit Wearable Workout Synchronization, Daily Inspirational Messages Sent To the APP, My Moves Library of 1000's of video exercise programs, and much more.

We make service and maintenance your clients in their health change journey very easy, so you can grow to the point that you can F.I.R.E. your day job.

You become a partner with us and use our platform to manage your clients. We make the management of your coaching program very easy. You pay one fee for your portal and Health Journey Pro APP access and make unlimited amounts of money.  You and your client benefits from our partnership. Save time, save money, make more money, and enjoying operating your coaching business more profitably starting today! 

Make money helping other live a healthy life

Become a Youngevity Vitamins and Supplement Distributor


As a “Youngevity Independent Distributor,” you receive a 30% discount on all of your vitamin needs.  Be the Change Agent to help more people live a better life. You don’t have to be a health and wellness coaching to become a Distributor.  You will learn the philosophies to build your Healthy Body, help others participate in many programs that foster a healthy lifestyle, and begin sharing your experience.

Youngevity’s life-changing products span six top retail categories, and as a Youngevity Independent Distributor, you can promote all of them. Health & Nutrition, Food & Beverage, Spa & Beauty, Fashion, Home & Family, and Services. With all these options of promoting and selling the Youngevity Brand of products, you create your path to Distributor success, building your happiness and creating your wellness, and make additional income. 

Vitamins and supplements are not used, taken, and sold to replace a healthy diet. They’re part of a healthy diet and exercise program. You are joining as Youngevity Distributor is an opportunity to receive a “Business In A Box,” your being healthier, wiser, and promoting a healthy living and lifestyle in everything you do!

Market America. Market America's UnFranchise Business is a proven plan for your financial success. Market America Worldwide provides systemization, standardization, state-of-the-art management systems, merchandising and marketing tools, growing visibility & the opportunity to own multiple business income generators.:

This low-cost business startup affords you the opportunity to start a business for less than $200.00. Or, you can purchase one of the business starter kits for lower than $500.00.

Where else can you start a small business for less money?

I know you can’t because all of my business ventures were started for more than $5K and upwards!

Did I mention you get 7 websites with your business? 

The website allows you to become an unlimited individual, be your own boss, start an unfranchised business, and grow successfully in an industry that has helped others gain freedom from the 9 to 5. Here is a list of them below:

  1. Market America. Market America's UnFranchise Business is a proven plan for your financial success. Market America Worldwide provides systemization, standardization, state-of-the-art management systems, merchandising and marketing tools, growing visibility & the opportunity to own multiple business locations.:
  2. Shopping Annuity. The Shopping Annuity® is a revolutionary concept that helps smart shoppers convert their spending into earning through SHOP:
  3. Isotonix Liquid vitamins - The World's Most Advanced Nutraceuticals:
  4. Lumiere De Vie - rejuvenated, luminous, beautiful-looking skin (Women and Men):
  5. Motives By Loren Ridinger - Make-up and Skin Care:
  6. Shopping online to get deals and make money buying the things you already are boing to buy:
  7. TLS Weight Loss Solution:


Home-based businesses are the trend of the future. Government and industry reports show that increasing numbers of people are now opting to work out of their homes. Over 8 million entrepreneurs are currently working at home, most of which are in the services industry, including travel. It is estimated that 37% of home-based businesses are operated by women that are augmenting their household income and raising their children at the same time. Our goal is to help others make money from home and enjoy life at the same time.

There is numerous reason you should start a home-based business. In 2019, we saw millions of people lose their jobs due to COVID-19. As this virus cause havoc around parts of our world, country, community, and household, it also shut down our economy and devastated millions of American households' income. After this devastation, the jobs left standing were home-based businesses and essential worker jobs.

Our economy is coming back, and everyday Americans are starting to travel more, so travel agent and agency businesses will see additional growth. At, we want to help you help others enjoy life by traveling. If you did not wish to book other people’s travel you can sign up to become a Personal Booking Partner. In this program, you book travel for yourself, your family and then make a commission. We believe everyone should at least have a travel agent in the family or book their own travel and save money!

Join us on this journey to get everyone back to traveling at the same time you gain the benefit of becoming a travel agent or personal booking partner.
We love to hear from you! You can contact us via our contact form on this website.