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  • Calorie tracking reports
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  • Grocery Lists
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  • Food log to track calories consumed
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Transformation of your current health, life, and wellness condition starts with "Eating Yourself To Better Health" and signing up for your Health Change Journey; Starting Today!

There are two ways to sign up for the Personal Edition – Health Transformational Programs:

You can select to start a 90-Day Plan Platinum Plan for is a one-time membership fee. However, it will auto-renew if you don't let us know to cancel with 30 days of this plan's expiration. You get access to three membership levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Additionally, you can select the monthly membership options for each level access. You will receive the move meal plan option in the Platinum Plan, and you get full access to the My Moves video exercise program.

The 90-Day Plans:  Health Journey membership plans and our guided coaching options give you the flexibility to purchase the following programs below to ensure your maximum growth. We offer health and wellness with all of our programs because without health; you can't build wealth!:

  • 90-Day Accountability – Identity – Weeding out Procrastination –Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Career Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Dating Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Health Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day High-Performance Coaching
  • 90-Day Life Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Love & Relationship Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Money & Wealth Transformational Coaching
  • 90-Day Ultimate Life - Which & What is Greater Coaching
  • 90-Day Weight Loss Transformational Coaching

The Core of all our programs:

  • Habit Change Coaching: We help you Change or Modify your Self-Limiting Behaviors
  • Belief Change Coaching: Challenge and Change your unsuccessful Beliefs to weed out self-doubt, self-sabotage, procrastination, and underperformance issues.
  • Identity Change Coaching: ReThink, ReAdjust, and ReSet the Identity of past Bad Habits. Your identity was set as a child, and it can take a longer time to adjust it to a new and successful you! We help you ReSet to an adult environment and current conditions.
  • Presence-Based Coaching: Understanding how your body, mind, spirit, and well-being is the key to a successful life, improved health, and increased wealth.

We are often asked by our new clients why we coach on Habit, Belief, Identity in our Health and Life Coaching Programs, and we answer with this statement, "Without Good Health, You Can't Build Wealth or Have a Happy Life." You know that habits are the #1 determiners of your quality of life. When you change bad habits, you change the course of your life! Your health is a key component of having a high quality of life now and in the future.

You can start with a Monthly Plan that has a low monthly recurring membership fee. Cancel anytime with a 30-day notice. Monthly plans can help you build a community around your transformation, and you gain accountability partners when you sign up your spouse, friend, and extended family members.

All 90-Day and Monthly memberships are three levels of membership access. Each membership level comes with different meal templates from which to choose.

Our most popular plan is our entry-level Silver Plan Membership. Our silver package is the most economical plan; however, it has limited meal plans. If you want to lose weight quicker, we recommend you purchase the TLS® 30-DAY JUMP-START KIT to give you a head start on your journey to transforming your health.

Additionally, we offer our 14-Day Cleanse & Detox Masterclass and Coaching Program to help you get your body reset. If you need more specialized plans, check out our Gold and Platinum Membership Levels. Scroll below to see which membership plan works best for you. You can always change your membership plan as your needs change.

The management of all our meal plans is on our sister company website Once you select a membership plan on this website, you are redirected to the signup page to complete your payment on Health Journey

90-Day Plan Pricing

Silver Plan
( for 90 Days )

$59.99 / mo

  • Variety of meal plans
  • Online only

Gold Plan
( for 90 Days )

$79.99 / mo

Platinum Plan
( for 90 Days )

$129.99 / mo

  • An expanded variety of meal plans
  • The weekly check requires enrollment into the Health Coaching Program
  • Video exercise program

Monthly Plan Pricing

Silver Plan
( +$19.95 initial activation fee )

$19.99 / mo

  • Variety of meal plans
  • Online only

Gold Plan
( +$19.95 initial activation fee )

$29.99 / mo

Platinum Plan
( +$19.95 initial activation fee )

$39.99 / mo

  • An expanded variety of meal plans
  • The weekly check requires enrollment into the Health Coaching Program
  • Video exercise program


30 Day Healthy Weight Loss
Heart Healthy Living
Low Carb - Fast Food
Low Carb - Hispanic
Low Carb - Italian
Low Carb Lifestyle
North Beach Diet Phase 1
On The Go
Sustained Energy


Includes all Silver and additional Plans for Gold Plan
Asian Explosion
Athletic Training
Cancer Prevention
Detox Women 14 Day, Fruit
Detox Women 14 Day, Lean Meat
Detox Men 14 Day, Fruit
Detox Men 14 Day, Lean Meat
Healthy Soy
Heart Disease Prevention
High Fiber
Lean and Tone Physique
Low Carb - All American
Low Glycemic
Low Sodium Stroke Prevention (DASH)
Muscle Builder
North Beach Phase One
North Beach Phase Two
Organic Low Carb
Organic Low Fat
Osteoporosis Prevention
Paleo Lifestyle
Stable Blood Sugar
Vegan Lifestyle


Includes all SILVER and GOLD Plans
Allergy - Chicken Egg
Allergy - Cow Milk
Allergy - Fish / Shell Fish
Allergy - Peanut
Allergy - Pine Nut
Child - Healthy Growing Habits 9-13 years
Child - Healthy Habits 4-8 years
Child - Healthy Start 2-3 years
Child - Healthy Teens 14-18 years
Child - Low Cholesterol 9-18 years
Detox Women 21 Day Jump Start, Fruit
Detox Women 21 Day Jump Start, Lean Meat
Detox Women 21 Day Jump Start, Veggie
Detox Men 21 Day Jump Start, Fruit
Detox Men 21 Day Jump Start, Lean Meat
Detox Men 21 Day Jump Start, Veggie
Intermittent Fasting - 16:8
Intermittent Fasting - 5:2
Intermittent Fasting - Alternate Day
Moms - Healthy Breastfeeding
Moms - Post Pregnancy Hormone Balance
Moms - Post Pregnancy Weight Loss
Moms - Prenatal

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