90-Days Health Change

Our 90 Days Health Transformation Coaching Program

Health Coaching is not therapy, which pairs a health coaching professional with a client seeking guidance to Healthy Eating, Weight Loss, Wellness, Exercise & Fitness, Presence, Sleep, Supplements, and Vitamins.

Health Coaches partner with the client to change habits that serve them to foster great habit changes. Habit and Presence-Based Change Coaching is the key to gaining greater success in improving health, increase the possibility of maintaining weight loss, and

The 90-Day Health Transformation System Program is to help you redesign your life, foster healthy eating behavior, restore your health, change self-defeating habits, adjust limiting beliefs, and improve the identity of the mind to obtain greater success. Health change success happens in these key areas of coaching.


We help you improve your health and physical/psychological capacity to remote well-being. For example, We help you lose weight, decrease your body fat percentage, enhance energy levels, make positive changes in your eating habits and lifestyle, and enhance well-being, resilience, and happiness.


We help you reach a new destination by setting attainable goals aligned with The 90-Day Health Transformation Program. We help you unlock your human potential, defeat your self-limiting behaviors, shift your mindset and perspective on what a healthy life looks like and feels like on your journey to better health. WHAT WE DO:

  • We help you create a positive mental attitude and relationship with food.
  • We partner with you to help you overcome challenges and obstacles to losing weight or improving your health.
  • We help you improve your self-awareness/self-discipline/self-management of eating food.
  • We help you set and achieve healthy lifestyle goals and fitness targets to lose weight and restore your health.


You are developing new skills and abilities to learn how to adjust your healthy eating habits. For example: managing stress levels to decrease cortisol levels that result in increased fat in the stomach area, changing specific eating behaviors/habits to increase fat loss, learn when to eat, learn how to eat, changing/improving your internal communication with food and your body that is reflected outside that lead to weight gain and unhealthy eating, helping you make better food choices, improved productivity by identity which food decrease energy, and help you get the best sleep in your life.


We help transform your self-limiting beliefs around achieving your goals of living a better life; weight loss or gain, health modification, and happiness. We help you clarify what needs nourishment in your life and then help you live up to your values to live your Best Life. For example: enhancing self-awareness around the types of food you eat, build awareness of when you eat, how you eat, get clarity on and living your life purpose that will lead to a healthy and fulfilled life, cultivating daily healthy eating habits, and developing self-discipline that leads to increased self-confidence. Completing all 12 sessions of this 90-Day Health Transformational program will set you on a path where you're thriving and have achieved your weight loss goals, on the course to improving your health and living your Best Life. Twelve individual coaching sessions where we are in partnership with you to improve your health and life.


90 Day Health Transformational System Program

$999.99 /3-Month Program

  • * Note (The price for the 90 Day Health Transformational System Program is $1,299.00 for a 3-month program. With a discount of $300.00. Therefore, the shown price is $999.00 for the 3-month program. )
  • Full Access to HealthJourneyPro.com - Platinum Plan (Value: $389.97)
  • Full Access to Health Journey Pro APP (Included in the Platinum Plan)
  • 12 Weeks of Coaching (Discount: $300)
  • Free eBook On Healthy Eating and Weight Loss (Value: $30.00)
  • One Free Virtual Seminar (Value: $500.00)
  • Goals Setting Worksheet E-Class (Value: $100.00)
  • HerSlender.com Slimming Tea - 14 Day and 14 Night Slimming Tea - 1 each. (Value: $70.00)

COACHING SESSION 1: Understanding your Big Motivating Factor "Big MOFA" to make a life change!
This coaching session helps you understand your "WHY" that stops you from achieving and motivating you to achieve your greatest human potential.

COACHING SESSION 2: Goals Setting E-Class.
We help you build achievable goals to aid you in the 90-day transformation. Goals setting is the cornerstone of your change, achievement, and gaining the outcome you deserve, desire, and new lifestyle design.


COACHING SESSION 3: Cleanse Your Body and Educating Your Mind. 
The awesome benefit to The 90-Day Health Transformation Program is starting our 14-Day Cleanse, Understanding Nutrition, and Healthy Eating Habits Training, which has proven to help our clients lose weight and keep it off. We help you see all Food is FUEL for your body. However, most people see food as a thing of pleasure! It can be both; we need you to recognize it as Fuel so you will begin to understand the need to "Eat To Live and Not Live To Eat."

COACHING SESSION 4: High Energy Foods.
Assessment and training on what food give your energy -vs.- taking energy away. Start the 4-Day Energy Experiment and understand how to overcome the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster. Balancing your blood sugar is one of the most important health restoration and weight loss success tools. Equally, we teach you the importance of hydration in maintaining health and wellness during your healthy lifestyle journey.


COACHING SESSION 5: Honoring Hunger and Fullness.
Experiential exercise to help you own Hunger and Fullness. You will receive coaching on eating healthily and discovering how to activate the relaxation response before eating via breathing and visualization. We help you feel peace of mind knowing how to eat well, relax, and be "bad at being good."

COACHING SESSION 6: Overcome challenges and obstacles in healthy eating and weight loss.
We help link pleasure and increase your motivation to achieve your health change goals. Experiential exercises help you visualize your new life via mind change-rehearsal and weed out self-sabotage.


COACHING SESSION 7: Rebellious Inner Child Syndrome and Secrets To Burning More Fat.
Learn how to celebrate healthy eating and identify with your inner self to nurture your continued growth. We help you align your life and create healthy habits to keep love, safety (personal/emotional), and belonging intact (these are the three basic human needs). Healthy eating combined with an exercise program is the foundation of weight loss, restoring health, and changing your life. The experiential exercise in this session will help you learn the secrets of burning more fat to lose weight and live a better life.

COACHING SESSION 8: Dig Deeper and an introduction of Life Coaching, Eating Healthy, and Supplements.

In this session, we help you understand the secrets to weight loss and burning off the extra fat stored in your body. This coaching session is where we dig deeper and introduce a part of life coaching into this session via helping you slow down and turn on the parasympathetic relaxation response. We help you identify negative messages you might be telling yourself and your body, understanding the sympathetic and parasympathetic response to health and life. The inside negative thoughts are self-inflicted violence imposed upon yourself. These thoughts stop you from your success. Therefore, we will help you better understand the Power Of Your Mind and how you control your destiny. Your destiny and change are rooted in your Behaviors, Beliefs, Identity, and Thinking (BBIT - Mind).

Moreover, we will help you eliminate the A.N.T. (Automatic - Negative - Thinking) in your brain. We will help you adjust and disrupt your Activating Reticular System (A.R.T.) to get you off the negative autopilot life you have built over numerous years. We will help take you off the mind roller-coaster of being unsuccessful in life and improve your health.


COACHING SESSION 9: Your Personal Power, Diet and Lifestyle Change.
We will help you own your power and take responsibility for your health and life. The Presence-Based and Habit Change exercises are where we help you find out where you store your personal power, how you unleash it, and how you use it to change your health and life? These experiential exercises will strengthen your connection to become the best version of yourself.

COACHING SESSION 10: Your Next Big Motivating Factor.
Setting your New Journey is our goal for this coaching session. Learning Gratitude, What you appreciate and who appreciate you is a big factor in your change management and behavior modification. The experiential and growth exercise in this session is to acknowledge your life and behavior change. There is a saying, What Your Appreciate, Will Appreciate You, so we will help you sustain your growth by accepting regular practices of positive habits. Acknowledgment is where the "Rubber Meets the Road or Leveling Up" in our check-in session.


COACHING SESSION 11:The Health and Life Jump-Start.
You will learn how to place your life on "cruise control" and eliminating the need to jumpstart your health change or life every time you hit a bump in the road of life. Completing A Health and Life Jump-start is done by taking a health and life inventory every 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. We know your life priorities will change over time; however, that doesn't mean you should start over from the beginning each time you far back into old habits. Yes, there is a potential for you to fall back into old and negative patterns, but we will teach you how to adjust back to the life and healthy journey. The experiential exercise in the session will help you understand where you have a surplus in your life and take a Life Inventory. This assessment will help you learn what you need to nourish the most and help you spring back onto your success journey. Your journey is not just only inclusive in this 90-Day Health Transformation Program; it is for the continuation over years to come.

COACHING SESSION 12:Completion of The 90-Day Health Transformation Program.
This celebration is all about you! We wish to thank you for completing this program. You are AMAZING! We want to help you continue your success by providing you resources to help maintain your health, life, and growth. Coaching session number 12 is your MOVE FORWARD session. We help you visualize your increased health, new life and help you realize how easy to continue the change in your positive beliefs, adjust your life change identity, and understand the Magic of YOU!


Understanding The Sympathetic And Parasymapthetic As it Relates To Health And Change.


The parasympathetic nervous system controls bodily functions when a person is at rest. Some of its activities include stimulating digestion, activating metabolism, and helping the body relax. In the 90-Day Health and Life Transformation System Program – Coaching Sessions are mission is to help you keep your body in a state of rest and NOT stress! You help you better understand how this can negatively affect your daily life and teach you how to make this system work for you to eat healthily, lose weight, decrease stress, good nutrition education, increase exercise, give more & quality sleep, and live your best life.

Sympathetic Parasympathetic
Involved in the fight or flight response. Involved in maintaining homestasis and also, permits the rest and digest response.
The sympathetic system prepares the body for any potential danger. The parasysmpathetic system aims to bring the body to the state of calm.
Sympathetic system has shorten neuron pathways, hence a faster response time. Has comparatively longer neuron pathways, hence a slower response time.
Increase heartbeat, muscles tense up. Reduce heartbeat, muscles relaxes.
The pupil dilates to let in more light. The pupil contracts.
Saliva secreation is inhibited. Saliva secreation increases, digestion increases.
On "flight and flight" situations, Andrenaline is released by the andernal glands; more glycogen is converted to gulcose. No such funcitions exists in "fight and flight" situations.

We live life daily, but lasting life changes take place over time and what is seen on TV and in the movies gives everyone a false sense of success and happiness. Therefore, we know that Health and Life Coaching is adaptive, so continuous learning and coaching are essential in your life growth. Accordingly, if you need ongoing coaching past our 90-Day Health Transformation System Program, we can tailor a program just for you. You can partner with us on your next coaching program. We offer a 90-Day Life Transformation System Program to help you master your life in several key areas. You can review them by visiting us online at  www.LifeSuccessAndPersonalGrowth.com . Thank you very much for allowing us to help you achieve your Health Growth and increase your Life Potential!