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Featuring one box of Soul and two boxes of Smart, this combination is a match made in concentration heaven. For the keys to ultimate focus, these tasty drinks can help give your brain the boost it needs to slay any project coming your way!

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Get more done with SMART•stiks. From morning ’til night, boost creativity, focus, and overall cognitive potential with safe, proven nootropic ingredients.

• Clarity
• Focus
• Stimulating
• Use every day
• Just 10 calories

Through an explosion of tropical flavor, SOUL•stiks deliver all kinds of goodness with Nature’s finest herbs, like Siberian ginseng, Yerba mate, and gikgo biloba to add clarity to your day and brightness to your soul.

• Enhances mood
• Boosts mental acuity
• 100% natural
• Sugar-free
• Unrivaled taste


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