Youngevity Y-DR8+™ Water Bottle


Improve your drinking water with Y-DR8+! This on-the-go hydration and filtration system will not only filter tap water, but it will also save you money and is eco-friendly!

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Nowadays, access to fresh, drinking water comes at a cost. Many individuals rely on a water delivery service or bottled water as their drinking water source. Y-DR8+ is Youngevity’s solution to improving the quality of your drinking water. Our new, convenient hydration system allows you to instantly filter tap water, giving you better-tasting drinking water while also reducing potentially harmful contaminants. Y-DR8+ is convenient, environmentally-friendly, and good for your health! . Filter use rated for consuming 3 bottles a day for 2 to 3 weeks depending on pollutants in your water . Saves up to $90/month on bottled water . Saves up to 60-90 bottles a month from entering landfill sites . PET . BPA Free . Phthalate Free . Reusable . Recyclable . Helps to filter and improve taste of tap water . Reduced chlorine levels in tap water, when using with filter . Remove filter to use bottle with Youngevity powder products . Great business opportunity; bottled water is a billion dollar market *Includes 1 filter. Additional filters sold separately.


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