Youngevity Y-DR8+™ Bottle Filters – 4 pk (Copy)


The Y-DR8+ Filter provides better tasting water, by reducing unpleasant odors, tastes and many potential harmful contaminants found in tap water. Youngevity Y-DR8+™ Filters-4pk-BUY 5, GET 1 FREE!

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Youngevity Y-DR8+™ Filters-4pk-BUY 5, GET 1 FREE! The Y-DR8+ Filter is a proprietary, patented carbon cloth with great odor absorbing technology. The filter helps reduces pollutants and chemicals found in everyday drinking water, making it healthier and taste better. Includes 4 filters. – Improves the taste and smell of tap water – Helps reduce pollutants like chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and PPCP’s. – Filter use rated for consuming 3 bottles a day for 2 to 3 weeks depending on pollutants in your water. Provides great tasting, filtered water throughout your busy day, saves money from buying bottled water. Reusing the bottle saves plastic bottles from our landfills! Filter is designed to meet NSF 42 International standards for chlorine, taste and odor reduction. Filter has been tested per EPA drinking water quality standards. Filter designed for municipal tap water only.


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