Sweet Complexion Enhancer – 2 grams


Give your complexion a glow with this translucent loose powder highlighter that’s as versatile as it is sweetly luminous.

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What it’s for: Sweet complexion enhancer gives you that perfect-looking-skin glow, any time of year. This loose powder highlighter gives your face a beautiful, translucent sheen that acts as radiant second skin, giving you subtly luminous look. This is a versatile illuminator suitable for lighter skin tones. It can be worn over or under your foundation of choice.

How to apply!

1. Swirl a small amount of the highlighter makeup into the lid with the Flawless Face Brush until the loose minerals are tucked into the bristles.

2. Tap the side of the lid with the side of the brush to tap off any excess loose powder.

3. Buff the radiance makeup onto your skin in a swirling, circular motion anywhere you want a little glow.

Ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium dioxide, may contain Ultramarine Blue ferric Ferrocyanide


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