Sweet Almond Carrier Oil


Sweet Almond Oil is rich in nutrients and a great addition in natural skin care products. It helps to soften and re-condition the skin and is also easily absorbed by the skin.

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Who it’s for: anyone looking for a soft carrier oil that is great on skin applications.

What it does: helps deliver nutrients to skin as a carrier oil and also helps condition the skin.

What sets this product apart? Cold pressed from the nut this nutrient-rich oil delivers many antioxidant benefits. It’s a favorite in many skin and body care products.

Suggested uses: great in natural skincare products and by massage therapist. Also, a superb addition to body care products. It’s easily saponified, yielding a mild soap with good lather.

Main Ingredient/Benefits  

Sweet Almond Oil – rich in proteins, fatty acids, olein, glyceride, linoleic acid, and Vitamins D, A, and E.


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