Nature Direct Dusting Cloth


Our Duster Cloth has been specially designed to attract dust and polish surfaces. It’s perfect to use on delicate surfaces where you can’t use water. It has two sides – one side with thick, dust-thirsty loose fibers, the other smooth and soft for wiping.

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Uses: Safe to use on glass, chrome, wood, highly- polished two-pack painted surfaces, LED screens and crystal. How to use: Can be used dry to swish away dust on lamp shades and other delicate surfaces or damp with our Glass Cleaner and Polisher. If using with Glass Cleaner and Polisher, do not spray solution directly onto electronic equipment. Instead, spray lightly onto cloth surface. Size: 40cm x 40cm Edges are double stitched to prevent shrinkage. Designed to withstand up to 300 washes with correct care.


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