Meadowfoam Carrier Oil


Meadowfoam Carrier Oil contains 98% fatty acids long-chain carbon atoms and is resistant to oxidation due to naturally occurring tocopherols. It also helps extend the longevity of less stable ingredients, resulting in an extremely long shelf life.

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Who it’s for: anyone looking for a carrier oil that is easily absorbed by the skin and has an extended shelf life.

What it does: helps deliver nutrients to skin when combined with other oils.

What sets this product apart? Cold pressed from the meadowfoam seed, this moisturizing and rejuvenating oil delivers 98% fatty acids having over 20 carbon atoms. It’s highly stable making it great for use in a variety of skin and hair care products.

Suggested uses: may be used in many different skin care products including suntan lotions, massage oils, face/hand creams, hair and scalp products, and various other balms.

Main Ingredient/Benefits 

Meadowfoam oil – very stable oil due to its long chain fatty acids and is widely used in many skincare applications.


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