Jojoba Carrier Oil


Jojoba Carrier Oil is the most natural blending oil. It is a natural liquid wax oil that closely resembles the skin’s sebum and is used for nourishing all skin types.

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Who it’s for: anyone looking for a moisturizing carrier oil with little to no aroma.

What it does: used to blend with essential oils to cover large areas. Great for massages.

What sets this product apart?

Our Jojoba Oil is pressed from the beans of a shrub-like plant. It easily penetrates the skin and closely resembles our skin’s sebum.

Suggested uses: As a carrier, combine with essential oils for safety and to cover large areas of skin. Can be added to hair conditioner. Removes excess oil s form skin.

Main Ingredient/Benefits

Jojoba: wax produced from seeds that helps soothe skin and unclog hair follicles.


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