Energize – Wellness Tea (56 g)


Get recharged without that jittery feeling! Unlike energy drinks and sodas, Energize Wellness Tea provides gentle-acting natural caffeine from Brazilian Green Yerba Maté, Bancha green tea, and Ceylon black tea.

This invigorating formula is also enhanced with gynostemma and American ginseng to support stamina. The results? A smooth, long-lasting lift throughout the day.

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Who it’s for: anyone seeking a smooth energy boost that lasts through the day.

What it does: provides gently invigorating support for long-lasting stamina.

What sets this product apart?

Offers the benefits of increased energy without the disadvantages of energy drinks and soda.

Key Ingredients/Benefits

Organic green yerba maté leaf Known to provide a smooth increase in energy. 1


Organic bancha green tea leaf Its rich blend of vitamins, minerals, caffeine, and antioxidants make it very effective energy-booster. 2
Gynostemma (jiaogulan) leaf Contains polysaccharides that gives the body the extra assistance (energy and stamina) it needs to work longer. 3
American ginseng root May help increase stamina. 4

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4 Journal of Korean Medical Science, 2016


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