Christmas Tree™ Essential Oil Blend – 5ml


The Christmas Tree Essential Oil Blend is a powerful blend made with 100% pure, therapeutic Youngevity Essential Oils. This blend contains Sub-Alpine Fir, White Fir, and Douglas Fir oils. Christmas Tree is sold on a limited basis (based on availability) for the holiday season.

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The Christmas Tree Essential Oil Blend is a fresh, aromatic blend of fir tree oils. This essential oil helps to focus on the love and joy of the holiday season. Christmas Tree can be used topically or diffused. This blend may assist with improving one’s focus, encouraging a positive attitude, promoting relaxation, and assisting with muscle fatigue. The use of this oil may produce positive effects on the respiratory system. The thin consistency of this blend makes it easy to over-apply topically, so always mix it with a carrier oil. Key Emotions: Cleansing, Joyous, Harmonious, Positivity, Immovable, Determined


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